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Risk Management

A sound financial plan starts with protection. A comfortable retirement, paying for college or saving for the future without protection from risks such as law suits, prolonged illness or premature death leaves a plan both vulnerable and incomplete.

Our planning process will help to quantify the risks that you may be exposed to using objective tools and years of experience. Protection planning includes a full review of your estate planning documents such as Wills and Trusts, along with a comprehensive assessment of your insurance policies. Together we will determine the right amount of insurance to own and the various types of insurance that might be suitable for your situation.

While the insurance planning process can be aided with calculators that help to quantify the amount of insurance that one should have, we recognize that planning for the unexpected also involves incorporating personal values into the decision making process. As such, we eschew general rules of thumb that are often promoted by unsophisticated media sources, instead creating customized plans.

Insurance is often the most misunderstood and under-used financial tool. Our experience and research has enabled us to develop strategies to help our clients both protect and growth their wealth using products that have stood the test of time.